Kathrine Jacobs

Kathrine Jacobs
Kathrine Jacobs

Listening fully to communicate effectively.

With 25 years of experience in public relations and I’m still as passionate about it as ever.

I like making connections, to put people at ease, and above all to link them with one another.  I am self-taught and dedicated to understanding my clients’ challenges and connecting them to my large and diverse network. I develop a customized support (like a cup of tea) by mixing agility and conviviality.

In communication, all creative ideas are good, the important thing is to find yours! 

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Discover the other talents of DESMOS 
DESMOS is also a large network of talents allowing us to offer you a tailor-made team dedicated to your project.
A network of valuable people used to working togethers.
Finding the right person
Setting up the right team 
Offering the best of our networks  
Finding the right tandem, trio (or more) per mission
This is the agility of DESMOS

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